About Us

We are committed to demonstrating the economic and environmental viability of renewable energy.

There is no question, the future will include oil and gas. But a there is a parallel future that is already beginning to unfold. The world is demanding a shift towards renewable energy. It’s not only about environmental responsibility, it’s about powering forward. Over the long-term, renewables offer a cost-effective, environmentally sound way for us to continue to meet our energy needs. At Greengate Power we believe we have a part to play in transitioning the world from fossil fuels to renewables. 

Technologies should evolve but our commitment to the outcome must endure.

The technologies supporting renewable energy generation benefit from constant innovation. Some renewables such as wind, solar and hydro have more established methods and processes but there are always innovations occurring regularly on all fronts. There are also new forms of renewable energy generation that are becoming more viable each day.

At Greengate Power we are committed to energy generation through renewables but we’re agnostic when it comes to the technologies we use. Where we won’t compromise is on the outcome. For us to consider a project, the technology must have a low environmental impact and it must have long-term economic viability.

That’s our commitment to ourselves, our shareholders, and the general public.